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24/7 Monitoring and Protection

Your system will have 24/7 monitoring and reporting on hardware and software processes. This minimizes research time and troubleshooting. Should your system incur an error, we are alerted through an advanced monitoring system that is in communication with all of your devices including servers and workstations.

Round the clock monitoring is essential as cyber attacks can happen to even the smallest dental practices. For example, electronic medical records are popular in the black market so maintaining a safe network is crucial. Regardless of your practice size, today’s dental offices face real threats from cyber criminals.

Our advanced monitoring and filtering system provides robust network security protection against all types of attacks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We will identify problems at early stages and fix them before they turn into network outages or data loss. Your sensitive patient data is protected at all times with Cross IT Consulting.

24/7 Network, System Monitoring and Protection

We take preventive actions against threats before they cause real damage or breach security. Our team monitors your network, server and all workstations in real-time while providing needed support.

Real-Time Network Threat Alerts

We are alerted in real-time of blended threats including intrusions, viruses/spyware, worms, Trojans, software vulnerabilities and other malicious attacks on your network. For example, if our system blocks a virus or any kind of intrusion on your network, we are instantly alerted and can track the user and computer that initiated the attack.

24/7 Backup System Monitoring

Our monitoring solution tracks your backup 24/7 and alerts us of backup failures in real-time. Our remote access can easily resolve any backup system issues without interruptions.

Enterprise-Level Firewall Protection

We maximize your network’s safety with enterprise-level firewall protection and internet traffic filters. Your network will be safe from malicious emails, websites, and more. Our protection method also performs traffic scans and prevents unauthorized users from accessing sites on your network.

Isolate and Resolve Issues Faster

Our maintenance and monitoring service is a proactive design that detects and prevents problems. This avoids downtime and major damage to your system and practice.

Routine Virus/Spyware/Malware Scans

We proactively perform regular scans on your computers against potential viruses, malware and spyware in order to make sure that your entire system is 100% clean.

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