Disaster Recovery and Cloud Backup

Many dental practices experience downtime during server crashes due to poor backup and disaster recovery solutions. We offer advanced cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions designed to minimize your downtime while ensuring your data is 100% secure.

Our disaster recovery system performs automated backups on your entire server and all workstations. We can easily recover patient data and even non-operating computers. Your computer can be remotely recovered in minutes which minimizes site visits.

Server Redundancy

We offer full server redundancy which allows you to continue working even during a catastrophic failure where the primary server goes down. Patient data and programs are backed up into a spare server installed at your dental practice. During a failure, the spare server takes the role of the primary server within minutes, enabling you to minimize data loss and downtime.

Automated Monitored and Managed

Our integrated backup and disaster recovery solutions is completely automated and remotely monitored for excellent performance.

Instant Remote Recovery

We remotely recover crashed workstations in a matter of minutes and assist with other technical difficulties you may encounter.

Multiple Backup Solutions

We install multiple redundant backup solutions to further protect your data and allow your practice to operate normally.

Restore to Different Hardware

A failed workstation due to hardware is successfully recovered into a spare workstation with minimal configuration.

Minimize Site Visits

Our efficient and remotely managed backup and disaster recovery systems minimize site visits.

24/7 Managed and Monitored

Your network and system is managed and monitored 24/7 to maintain updates and enhance your system’s performance.

Complete Server Backups

A complete image of your server is backed up in case of a failure without having to manually re-install software or move data.

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Backup

Stay HIPAA compliant with our cloud backup system.

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